…my upcoming book “Inside the Middle East: Making Sense of the Most Dangerous and Complicated Place on Earth”

Acclaimed Israeli intelligence analyst Avi Melamed has spent more than thirty years interpreting Middle East affairs. His long-awaited Inside the Middle East challenges widely-accepted perceptions and provides a gripping and uniquely enlightening guide to make sense of the events unfolding in the region. How did the Arab world get to this point, what is currently happening, what will the ramifications be, what actions must immediately be undertaken – and what can you do?

Melamed considers all the major power players within the Middle East, explains the underlying issues, and creates a three dimensional picture of the complex tapestry of the Middle East, an illustration which connects the dots and provides a fascinating roadmap revealing what you need to know to predict the future of the most complicated region on earth.

He elucidates the dramatic events and developments in the Middle East such as the story behind the Arab spring, the downfall of the Muslim Brotherhood, the rise of ISIS, the epic Sunni-Shi’ite animosity, the essence of the war in Syria, the role of the Caliphate and Jihad, the consequences of the Iranian nuclear project and the looming Middle East nuclear arms race – and he shares the untold story of the battles and struggles that will shape the face of the Middle East – and the world – for decades to come.

Avi has been immersed in the Arab world for decades and has a rare understanding of the region. Through Inside the Middle East you have the extraordinary opportunity to take an unappalled journey deep into the mind and psyche of Arab society. Look at reality through the lens of political and thought leaders as well as the most ruthless terrorists. Enter the head, hearts and minds terror groups like Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Islamic Jihad – how they see the world, what makes them tick, what they want, how Western countries need to respond, and how and why Israel must stand its ground.

Melamed also shares his predictions of what’s to come, because, amazingly, he has a history of being spot-on. With his lifetime of on-the-ground experience in Arab communities throughout the Middle East he has a rare awareness that citizens of the world need to understand – the significance of unfolding events, what you haven’t been told, what’s going on behind the scenes, how the west’s perception of the Middle East developed – why it is often inaccurate, what is the risk of the misguided understanding, what’s the secret to fixing it, what can you do to decode the region, what to demand of your politicians, whom to support and whom to decry.

The conflicts in the Middle East grow more dangerous and more confusing every day and they won’t simply go away. This unique and comprehensive volume will challenge your perceptions, shake you to the core, force you to re-valuate your outlook, make you question what you really know, and give you tips to navigate the future.

This is a long-awaited insider view from one of the world’s best interpreters of the Middle East. Inside the Middle East is a new outlook, a milestone in our understanding of the region, an eye-opening read – one of the most significant books of our lifetime which will impact the discourse regarding the Middle East.

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